A powerful customer success platform ! demo: https://uuchat.io


  • Node version 4.3.1 or greater
  • [Optional]MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • [Optional]Redis, version 2.8.9 or greater

Important Note for Windows Users

Developing on OS X or Ubuntu/Linux is recommended, but if you only have access to
a Windows machine you can do one of the following:


git clone https://github.com/uuchat/uuchat.git uuchat

    download the uuChat code base

cd uuchat

    navigate to the downloaded code base

build and run

    a script for the following commands:


    node tools/build.js

    node index.js

WARNING: you should install some software which operation system not install
by default, eg: Ubuntu 16.10 with sqlite3, g++ ...

Basic uuChat Configuration

    Set your own information in src > config.json . something like 'name' , 'ip address',
'port', db configuration etc. if you set nothing, and start uuChat.

  • you can take customer success page in

    first, you need register with your email , and than login into uuchat.
  • customer demo page in .

    click button on the bottom of page , chat with customer success.
  • our console page is : .

    you can add other customer success with uuchat, see chat history, rate ,
    some statistics information etc...

warning: we did not test with IE browser! and we suggest to login /chat or /console with chrome.

Setup your database

uuchat default run with sqlite3, if you don't want to install any database , you also can use uuchat.

If node module of sqlite3 is not install by default, so, you need to npm i sqlite3

Session store

    If redis.host in src > config.json is "", session store default with your database configuration, but that
not our suggestion, perhaps, most companies or blogers not need high performance. if you have online customers
more than 5, we suggest you use redis for session store.

    Redis config like this:

"redis": {
    "host": "",
    "port": 6379,
    "ttl": 86400,
    "db": 0
MySQL configuration
    "host": "",
    "dialect": "mysql",
    "username": "root",
    "password": "",
    "database": "uuchat",
      "max": 5,
      "min": 0,
      "idle": 10000

Install to your website

    Copy and paste this code above the last </body> tag on your site.
This code is fully asynchronous and won't delay the load time of your page.
you can see in dist > customer.html , like this:

<!-- begin uuchat code  -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    ;(function(u, c, h){
        u.UUCHAT = (function(){
            return {
                domain: 'http://uuchat.io', // change your own domain here
                src: h
        var s = c.createElement('script'),
        s.async = 1;
        s.src = u.UUCHAT.domain+h;
    })(window, document, "/static/js/loader.js", );
<!-- end uuchat code  -->